Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 26

This picture is a little deceiving--I don't feel that big! However, this week definitely marks the beginning of the trek into "uncomfortably pregnant." I've got a little pillow nest set up in bed--a body pillow for my belly and a regular pillow to keep my ever-swelling feet elevated. Poor Jay--he doesn't get a whole lot of room anymore! There's lots of 2am half-awake screeching and shoving if I come back from the bathroom and find him on "my side." Luckily, I think he is too asleep to remember most of it.

Baby girl is kicking like crazy. Most of her movements are very obvious and pack quite a punch...she really likes my liver/ribs. Occasionally she does a belly-rocking move that makes me look down and think "Holy Cow--what is this going to be like at 8 months!"

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