Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink Eyes for Valentines Day

Jay was on call tonight, so Noelle and I had grand plans of meeting him at the student call room for dinner to celebrate Valentines Day.

My mom met me with Noelle halfway between our houses so I didn't have to add even more to the drive. Then Noelle and I drove downtown and hit up Jays favorite BBQ place before heading to the med school. When we got there, Jay came out and helped me carry in all the food and Noelle...I had brought some leftover cookies from work too and it was quite the load! He was excited to see us and was talking about how he hadn't gotten paged yet and we should be able to eat. As he spoke, the pager went off, less than 2 minutes from the time we had gotten out of the car. We weren't even in the building! I rushed and handed him his food and the cookies as he headed back. He didn't have much time and said this case looked like an intense one. I did manage to snag a kiss before we left!

On the way home we saw the car accident that I assumed has caused the page (I was right!) and it looked pretty bad. The entire southbound side of the highway was shut down and I saw one car flipped over. I guess we were lucky my mom met me early or we would have been on that highway around the same time as the accident and stuck behind it, or worse! I'm bummed our visit with Jay didn't work out, but grateful that the disappointments and troubles we face are so minor.

In other news, it seems Noelle has pink eye. How appropriate for Valentines Day! We are off to the pediatrician in the morning.

Sorry Noelle, pink eye is never attractive.

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